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Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home During the Shutdown

Spas and salons are still closed in many cities, but the need for brides-to-be to get pampered is still there. Whether your big day is still six months away, or two weeks, it is important to relax and enjoy this special time of your life. In normal times, many brides choose to get a massage, manicures and pedicures, facials, and other luxury treatments to help them relax and prepare for their big day. But unfortunately, that is not an option for many right now. While it may not be ideal for some, there are still ways to pamper yourself as your wedding approaches.

Embrace the power of scent

Burn a candle or use essential oils while taking a bath or doing a facemask. If you feel most relaxed in a tropical vacation setting, use scents that smell like orchids, plumeria, vanilla and coffee. Alternatively, if you're most relaxed when you're in a cabin in the woods, use scents that remind you of that.

Also consider choosing different oils for different parts of your day. Bright scents will be better for focusing on work, while lavender, chamomile and bergamot will be soothing when you want to quiet your stress.

Beautify your bathroom

Hotel and spa bathrooms are meant to be pampered in, whereas your home bathroom is likely more on the functional side. There are a few easy tricks to make your bathroom more of a luxurious space.

Often, hotel bathrooms have a beautiful tray with amenities in it, and everything else is put away. Our personal bathrooms are rarely that tidy, and we don't necessarily focus on decorating the vanity like we would our coffee table. Also consider refreshing your towels, improving your bathroom's lighting to be more bright and flattering, and upgrading your hand soap and lotion.

Complete your bathroom by adding a pair of slippers and a robe.

Change your playlist

While you're at home, it may be tempting to keep the TV on in the background all day. But ask yourself - is this what you would do if you were on vacation? Instead, opt for music that will relax you, or even spend some time in silence.

Have a "spa" night

This might seem rather obvious, but consider treating yourself to a spa night. After you've beautified your bathroom, light some candles and run a bath. Do a face mask and listen to music or watch that movie you've been wanting to watch while you soak. Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Throw some bath salts in there.

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