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Things You *Think* You Need on Your Wedding Day (But Don't!)

I wanted to get on here and talk a little bit about what couples *think* they need for their wedding, but are maybe not their top priority. I find that many of my couples feel obligated to do wedding traditions that they don’t really care about-they just feel like they have to! But why guys?? Spend the money that you would’ve spent on those things that are less important to you on things that you actually care about! Use the extra money to get that photographer you’ve been eyeing, the dress you really want but is a littleee too expensive, or your dream venue! Here are some examples of things that people feel like they *need* but many people don’t end up caring very much about!

-Garter toss. This can cost between $20-$50

-Boutonnières and corsages. I see soo many people buy boutonnieres and corsages for their whole fam, then when the time comes, they don't even care about passing them out. These can cost between $100-$400 depending on how many family members and bridal party members you have.

-Favors. Many guests will forget to take their favors, then you've not only wasted money on them, but you're stuck with the extras! These can range between $200-$300.

-Save the dates. These can be necessary for your out of town guests that you really want to attend, but there are cost-effective ways to inform them of your date. You can design one online and send it to them via email! If you do them online, they can be free. If you choose to send them out, you're looking at between $100-$300.

-Toss bouquet. I find that many brides end up using a bridesmaid bouquet even when they've spent the money on one specifically to toss. A toss bouquet costs around $60.

-Printed out wedding programs. At the end of the night, couples often find a stack of leftover wedding programs that went unused. An alternative to printing them out is putting your schedule on your wedding website. That way, anyone can go look at it and nothing goes to waste. These can be around $100-$200.

-Traditional guest book. There are soo many alternatives to choose from! (Wayyy too many to list, but if you need inspiration feel free to message me!) These are around $50-$100.

-Full bar. Most of the time, guests are perfectly fine with just beer and wine! You can tell your wedding party ahead of time to bring their preferred alcohol, but there really is no need to provide that for everyone. Depending on your guest count, this ranges between $2,000-$5,000.

Now, I know that everyone cares about some of these things and wants them to be a part of their day. But, if you can find a few things that are low on your priority list, you can put that $$ towards something else. Something I like to do after couples book me is go through their budget and talk about priorities. I love helping you get the most bang for your buck and get everything you want for your special day.

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